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About this group

We are a mutual aid group in Tufnell Park for people thinking about hosting, intending to host or hosting Ukrainians through the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme; for people who are not hosting but are able to support in other ways; and for newly arrived Ukrainians and their hosts regardless of how they came to the UK. 

We share information, resources and support to build a coordinated community welcome for Ukrainians in Tufnell Park.

Please join the group by emailing Lots of information is shared this way.

If you like, you can then also be added to a WhatsApp group which is being used by hosts to share more experiences and information.

Please recognise that there is no one person coordinating these different social media groups/docs, even if they should overlap. This site is put together by a volunteer too.

We’re all in this together, so if you see anything that needs updating, amending, could be better, shouldn’t exist on this site – please get in touch via this email address and a volunteer will attempt to rectify ASAP.

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About this group: About Us
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